Horse Farm’s Insurer Will Have To Defend An Off-Site Golf Cart Accident

 Friday, October 8, 2021

 Risk & Insurance

St. Charles Farms, a horse farm and equestrian center in St. Charles, Ill., offered off-site trail riding events on different forest preserves several times a year.

In one such instance at the Kane County Fairgrounds, Robert Shockley Jr. was riding inside a golf cart with a St. Charles Farms employee.

The St. Charles’ employee driving the golf cart had also been responsible for the transportation of horses and equipment to the center of the riding location. One horse got away, and the employee began to chase it down, with Shockley riding shotgun.

He was thrown out after encountering a bump and promptly had his leg run over.

Shockley filed a negligence suit against the horse farm. St. Charles Farms turned to its insurer, American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.