Discussion at CLM town hall emphasizes training to mitigate claims in transportation and hospitality, highlighting new trends and risks.
  November 29   CLM Education & Training Liability Risk Management Workers' Compensation

In a notable legal decision, a Texas judge mandates a Houston attorney reimburse an insurer for legal costs incurred in defending a baseless lawsuit.
  November 29   Insurance Journal Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation

In a landmark case, the death of a worker from asthma at Trulieve’s Massachusetts cannabis plant sparks a wrongful death lawsuit, challenging workplace safety standards.
  November 29   Insurance Journal Legislation & Regulation Liability Risk Management Workers' Compensation Massachusetts

In the labyrinth of insurance litigation, the focus often shifts to insurers’ adherence to state laws in claim handling, raising crucial questions of fairness and good faith.
  November 29   CLM Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Risk Management

In a pivotal decision, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania rules in favor of reimbursing CBD oil under the Workers’ Compensation Act, challenging traditional views.
  November 28   National Law Review Legislation & Regulation Liability Life & Health Workers' Compensation Pennsylvania

The Purdue Pharma settlement over opioid crisis sparks debate, balancing compensation for victims and legal immunity for the Sackler family.
  November 27   Insurance Journal Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation

Beth A. Jenson Prouty, a seasoned coverage lawyer, shares her journey and insights into the specialized, puzzle-like world of insurance coverage law.
  November 21   CLM Education & Training Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Minnesota North Dakota Wisconsin

Ramon Paz of Lakeland, Florida, receives a 33-month federal prison sentence for orchestrating a workers’ compensation insurance fraud, impacting the construction sector.
  November 21   Insurance Journal Fraud Legislation & Regulation Liability Workers' Compensation Florida

Tesla Insurance customers report significant delays in claims processing and difficulties in communication, reflecting challenges in the insurer’s service.
  November 21   Insurance Journal Auto Insurance Industry Liability Litigation California Maryland Ohio

Formula One enthusiasts file a lawsuit against Las Vegas Grand Prix organizers for forcing early exit before practice session, seeking $30,000 in damages.
  November 20   Insurance Journal Insurance Industry Liability Litigation Risk Management Nevada

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