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Cutting Loose Never-Ending Comp Claims

 Thursday, May 19, 2022

 CLM Magazine

We have all been involved in those problematic types of claims where it would appear there is no end in sight: Income or lost-time benefits seem to be never ending, and the medical component of the claim seems to be spiraling, as well.

It can be frustrating when the status quo appears resistant to change. Even when the fact pattern seems hopeless, however, there are certain courses of action that potentially can provide traction and position your most problematic case for a reasonable and cost-effective closure via settlement.

While state laws and local rules may vary on some of these topics, and this article is written from the perspective of a Georgia workers’ compensation defense lawyer, many of these strategies can be pursued nationwide.

Nevertheless, organizations and/or individuals should always review their jurisdiction’s own relevant statutes and case law to ensure compliance with local rules.
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