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Michigan Oil Change Lawsuit Is Slick Attempt At Elusive Remedy

 Friday, May 27, 2022


Imagine dropping your vehicle off with a reputable car dealer for an oil change, and then find yourself getting sued for negligence when that vehicle is involved in an accident. As covered on this site and elsewhere, that is exactly what is happening in Michigan right now.

The plaintiff’s lawyers are claiming the car owner was negligent when he turned the keys over to the dealership. What they aren’t saying is they appear to be looking for a way around the exclusive remedy provisions of workers’ compensation, and the outcome of the case could have a dramatic impact on workers, the industry, and individual consumers.

The Jeep was dropped off with a Rochester Hills, MI dealer for a simple oil change. During that process, a 19-year-old employee, who did not know how to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission, started the vehicle by depressing the clutch and hitting the Start button.

He did this while standing outside the vehicle. When he released the clutch, the Jeep, which was left in gear, lurched forward crushing a 42-year-old co-worker against a cabinet.

The worker died at the scene. The deceased man’s family is seeking $15,000,000 in damages.
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