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Survey Reveals Massive US Identity Theft Scam Trend This Year

 Thursday, June 23, 2022

 Live Insurance News

Americans are experiencing far more attempts to be scammed this year than in previous years, according to the first quarter report from Allstate Identity Protection (AIP).

The spam people are receiving is coming from many different directions such as texts and calls.

The Allstate Identity Protection survey showed that 83 percent of Americans have received a scam phone call this year, while another 74 percent of people across the US have received a scam text in 2022.

Among those who have received a spam text or call, almost half of them reported receiving at least 11 new attempts to scam them each week.

Even though scammers that are sometimes successful don’t always reach the level of identity theft and are therefore not included in the case counts from AIP, they can still be expensive and time consuming for their victims.