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Ford Recalls Broncos & Rangers Due To Windshield Adhesion Issue

 Wednesday, July 6, 2022

 Repairer Driven News

Ford has recalled 63,294 model year 2022 Broncos and Rangers for risk of windshield detachment in a crash.

The affected vehicles that were produced between December 2021 and April 2022 ‘may have inadequate front windshield adhesion to the vehicle body structure,’ according to the recall notice.

This points back to the importance of proper windshield adhesion, in general, but also for repairers such as the move by Ford earlier this year to create its own comprehensive certified glass installer network.

Shops that want to be in the network will have to certify that they have the ability to carry out advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) calibration and will undergo recertification every two years.

Prior to that, in 2019, Ford stressed the importance of repairers getting glass installation correct, or ensuring subcontractor glass shops didn’t botch the job.