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The Most Dangerous Job In America Will Surprise You

 Wednesday, July 6, 2022

 Risk & Insurance

Move over policemen and firefighters. Driving for Uber and Lyft is now America’s most dangerous occupation.

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle reports that driving for app-based services like Uber, Lyft and GrubHub is now likely to rank somewhere between the top 13% and the top 1% of most dangerous jobs.

The report uses data on injuries and fatalities from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to reach its conclusions, many of which shed light on the level of risk the gig economy is bringing to the workforce.

Transportation fatalities are the cause of 40% of all job-related deaths annually. But the risk of injury and death reaches an extreme level for those in app-based jobs, like drivers for Uber, Lyft and GrubHub.

The non-fatal injury rate for Uber and Lyft drivers 173.8 per 10,000 full time workers. This means that 86.9% of jobs have lower injury rates.
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The Most Dangerous Job In America Will Surprise You

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