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Texas Bill Seeks To Improve Accuracy Of Repair Estimates

 Tuesday, January 24, 2023

 Repairer Driven News

A Texas state representative who has spent years advocating for insurance reform has introduced a new bill that could change the way disputed appraisals are resolved.

Rep. Travis Clardy (R-District 11)’s HB1437, filed last week, seeks to amend the state’s insurance code to ensure the accuracy of repair estimates within Texas auto policies.

The bill aims to ensure insurance estimates are a true reflection of the actual cost of repairs. Under the proposed new legislation:

Personal auto insurance policies would be required to contain an appraisal procedure that complies with the insurance code’s amendments;
The insurance company and insured person could demand an appraisal within 90 days of the proof of loss;
Both the vehicle owner and insurance company would be required to appoint ‘competent appraisers;’ and
If those appraisers could not agree on the amount of loss, they would select a mutually agreed upon umpire to determine the true cost of repairs.
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