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Ford Recalls 462K Vehicles Over Faulty Rearview Camera Image

 Tuesday, February 7, 2023

 Repairer Driven News

Ford has recalled more than 460,000 vehicles, including 382,759 in the U.S., to repair a rear view camera problem attributed to at least 17 accidents.

The recall applies to the 2020-2023 Ford Explorer, 2020-2023 Lincoln Aviator and the 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair.

The issue relates to 360-degree cameras, including the rear view camera, which can fail to feed visuals to the display screen during some ‘key cycles,’ the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in its report.

‘Once present, the issue will likely recur on the same camera intermittently,’ the report said. ‘Loss of rear camera image while reversing increases the risk of a crash. If a loss of video frames is detected by the image processing module, the module’s response is to display a blue image instead of re-initialize the video pipeline.’

The issue initially dated back to October 2021, when NHTSA contacted Ford regarding three customer ‘allegations of a blue image in the rear camera display.’

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