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California Faces Billions In Storm Damage To Crops, Homes And Roads

 Friday, March 24, 2023

 The Orange County Register

The costs of California’s relentless winter storms keep rising. And outside of the human toll -- with at least 28 people killed since January -- the price will be measured in billions.

The ‘bomb cyclone’ that lashed San Francisco on Tuesday was the latest in an epic series of extreme weather events to hit California since New Year’s Eve.

It blew out windows from skyscrapers, flung barges into a historic bridge, sent trees tumbling across roads, knocked down power lines, and threatened a major freeway as the waterlogged hillside beneath it started to collapse.

Just to the south, in the Santa Cruz area, the river that flooded the town of Pajaro a week ago rose again, while nearby strawberry fields that were already submerged received a fresh round of rain. And on Wednesday, the National Weather Service confirmed that a rare tornado hit an industrial area of Montebello, east of downtown Los Angeles, injuring one person and damaging several buildings.