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Couple Arrested For Insurance Scam After Posting Crash Videos To YouTube

 Monday, March 27, 2023


Investigators didn’t have to look far to find evidence allegedly showing a Yucaipa couple intentionally causing dozens of car crashes to fraudulently collect insurance money. The couple posted their own videos of the incidents on YouTube.

Now Christopher and Kimberly Phelps face a slew of charges, including insurance fraud and assault with a deadly weapon. They are also facing multiple counts of child endangerment since investigators say some of the videos show Christopher Phelps’ child in the car at the time of the crashes.

The investigation began when San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies found a YouTube channel showing multiple dashcam videos of traffic collisions and road-rage incidents. While the channel was published under an alias, they were eventually able to link it to Christopher Phelps.

The channel posted 162 dashcam videos of crashes, near-crashes and road-rage incidents, according to the California Department of Insurance.

State Insurance investigators say they were able to link 23 collisions to 17 insurance claims filed by Christopher Phelps.

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