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Five Strategies for Early Mediation Success

 Thursday, May 25, 2023

 CLM Magazine

Resolution at mediation can be a challenge for anyone in the industry, but it can be especially difficult for young professionals during their initial mediation sessions as they learn which techniques are successful and which ones lead to impasses.

One hurdle that newer professionals often encounter in mediation is the anticipation of a ‘number-swapping’ event and are sometimes surprised by the degree of technique and agility required for success, including best practice steps to take prior to the mediation date.

Fortunately, there are five key strategies that can position a mediation for success. If learned from tenured colleagues and applied early in a career, these tactics can expedite the learning curve, setting up new professionals for success, which can build upon itself.

To illustrate these points, let’s explore a conversation not uncommon in our industry between a tenured professional and a newer colleague that demonstrates how a casual conversation can be used for impactful knowledge-sharing.

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