Devastation After Deadly Tornado Outbreak In Texas, Oklahoma (FOX Weather)

Devastation After Deadly Tornado Outbreak In Texas, Oklahoma

  Monday, November 7th, 2022 Source: FOX Weather

New videos show scenes of devastation in the aftermath of powerful tornadoes that touched down in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas on Friday.

At least eight tornadoes were confirmed by survey teams from the National Weather Service, and two of those have been rated an EF-3 with winds near 160 mph.

Tornadoes are ranked on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, and a tornado with winds stronger than 136 mph can produce severe damage.

In addition, two people are now confirmed dead due to the tornado outbreak. One person was killed in Morris County, Texas, and the other was killed in McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

One video from New Boston, Texas, shows numerous homes and other structures that were damaged or destroyed during the tornado outbreak on Friday.

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