Hurricane Idalia: Damage Estimates, Unique Storms, and Lessons Learned (CLM Magazine)

Hurricane Idalia: Damage Estimates, Unique Storms, and Lessons Learned

  Thursday, September 14th, 2023 Source: CLM Magazine

The state of Florida will experience hurricanes. That is a reality that residents, government, businesses, and the insurance industry understands. Understanding the threat, though, does not diminish the impact of hurricanes once they strike, and no matter how prepared a state may be, certain hurricanes can still offer up unwelcome surprises.

When Hurricane Idalia made landfall Aug. 30 in Florida’s Big Bend, discussions and articles noted the rarity of a major hurricane hitting this area, and concerns mounted about the potential impacts.

Now that the storm has come and gone, and damage assessments have begun, CLM Magazine talks to Mark Friedlander, director, corporate communications for the Insurance Information Institute, to discuss Hurricane Idalia’s impact and what lessons can be learned.

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