Judge’s Verdict: Trump’s Asset Inflation Unlawful (Claims Pages Staff)

Judge’s Verdict: Trump’s Asset Inflation Unlawful

  Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 Source: Claims Pages Staff

In a seminal ruling, Judge Arthur Engoron found that former President Donald Trump and his organization misled financial institutions, including insurance companies, by significantly inflating asset values and misrepresenting his net worth in official documents.

This manipulation of asset worth, as revealed in a lawsuit initiated by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, had potential repercussions on loans and insurance premiums. Attorney General Letitia James pointed out instances where Trump’s asset valuations seemed dubious, such as his Manhattan Trump Tower apartment being valued at nearly triple its actual worth and his Mar-a-Lago property being valued based on a hypothetical residential development use, restricted by deed terms.

Judge Engoron emphasized the stark disconnect between the claims made and reality in his detailed 35-page decision. He dismissed Trump’s argument that a disclaimer in the financial statements absolved him from responsibility.

As a result of this ruling, Trump faces significant legal implications for his future business ventures in New York. While criminal charges were not pursued in this case, an impending non-jury trial in early October will determine the extent of the ramifications.

Attorney General James seeks $250 million in penalties based on the benefits derived from the alleged deceit. Additionally, Judge Engoron’s decision will lead to the revocation of several of Trump’s business licenses and place the Trump Organization under the supervision of an independent monitor, further complicating its operations in New York.

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