Social Media Posts Reveal Bodybuilding Disability Claimant (Business Insurance)

Social Media Posts Reveal Bodybuilding Disability Claimant

  Friday, June 24th, 2022 Source: Business Insurance

A former electrician who was claiming benefits for a 2013 injury evidently forgot the internet era’s first rule of disability fraud -- don’t let anyone post anything about you on social media ever.

According to New York authorities, Anthony Ragusa of Long Island collected more than $200,000 in disability benefits after an on-the-job fall nearly 10 years ago.

According to a statement from the state’s office of the attorney general, Mr. Ragusa ran a limousine business and embarked on a bodybuilding campaign while claiming that he was in such pain that he could not bend over to put on shoes.

Extensive video and photographic evidence on his wife’s Instagram account, though, showed beginning in 2017 he was lifting heavy weights at a well-known gym for bodybuilders and training for competitions.

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