Veteran Ferrari Mechanic Arrested on Multiple Charges Including Theft and Fraud (Robb Report)

Veteran Ferrari Mechanic Arrested on Multiple Charges Including Theft and Fraud

  Thursday, April 11th, 2024 Source: Robb Report

Donnie Callaway, a mechanic celebrated for his expertise in restoring vintage Ferraris, was arrested in Arizona earlier this month under serious allegations including theft, fraud, and trafficking stolen property. The 60-year-old, who operates out of an airplane hangar north of Los Angeles, fell into a trap set by a collector through a sting operation. The collector suspected Callaway of attempting to sell Ferraris that he did not own, specifically a Ferrari Daytona and a 512BB.

Callaway’s arrest has shocked the U.S. Ferrari community, where he has earned a reputation for his skilled work and has been supported by endorsements from notable auto enthusiasts like Jay Leno and Matt Farah. Despite these high-profile endorsements, Callaway has faced accusations of overcharging and deceptive practices even before this arrest. He has a history of legal issues, with multiple criminal convictions dating back to 2001, and is currently involved in several lawsuits alleging unfair business practices and fraudulent activities. His arraignment is scheduled for April 17, with a trial date set for August 14.

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