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Pineapple Express: Study Warns Of Billion-Dollar-A-Year Risk In Damages From 'Atmospheric Rivers'
Friday, December 6th 2019
California and the rest of the western U.S. face a billion-dollar-a-year risk in flood damages from so-called 'atmospheric rivers', the huge plumes of moisture that periodically surge ashore from the sub-tropics, according to a study published Wednesday by UC San Diego.
The Latest Technology To Mitigate Property Risks
Insurance Industry Legal Costs Exploding As US Juries Increasingly Side With Plaintiffs
Physical Therapy Trending Downward In Comp: MedRisk
New Takata Airbag Defect Forces Recall Of 1.4 Million More Vehicles
Thursday, December 5th 2019
Faulty Takata airbags have already caused the largest auto recall in history, with tens of millions of cars affected. Now a newly discovered defect has prompted the recall of another 1.4 million vehicles.
PG&E Urges Judge To Approve Insurance Settlement, Faces Resistance
Reputation In The Age Of Social Media
Insurers, Michigan State University In Mediation Over Nassar Claims Settlement
Amazon's Business Model Is Wreaking Havoc Across The Insurance Industry
Wednesday, December 4th 2019
Amazon hit their highest selling numbers ever during this year's Cyber Monday sales. Between Thanksgiving and Monday, December 2, the company reached a mighty, yet vague, quota of 'hundreds of millions' of packages.
NFIP: Congress Continues To Kick The Can, Risk Rating 2.0 Stalled
PG&E Accepts Fault For Deadly Camp Fire, Seeks 'Technologies' To Limit Future Risks
598 Accidents On Utah Freeways During Five Days Of Snowstorms
Pennsylvania Finally Picks A Side On Landlord/Tenant Implied Co-Insured Issue
Tuesday, December 3rd 2019
The ability of a landlord's property insurer to subrogate against a tenant for property damage caused by the negligence of the tenant depends on which state the loss occurs in and the nature and language of the lease involved.
Growth Of Telemedicine Slowed By Internet Access, Insurance Billing
Deadly Mold Infestation Spurs Class-Action Lawsuit Against Seattle Children's Hospital
Rockport, Maine Motel Fire Likely Caused By Smoking In Bed
Beating The Statute Of Limitations: Filing Suit Is Only Half The Battle
Monday, December 2nd 2019
We are frequently asked by clients to file suit in a case where the statute of limitations expires in a matter of a day-even hours. In some cases, we are asked to file in order to toll an impending statute of limitations and give the client more time to negotiate a settlement or take other action.
Sewer Blockage Pushes Waste Into 300 New York City Homes
58 Vehicles Involved In Collisions On Foggy Maryland Interstate
9 Killed In South Dakota Plane Crash
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