Colodny Fass Applauds Passage Of Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Legislation

  Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 Source: Colodny Fass

The Florida State Legislature has passed a bill aimed at curbing the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles. The bill has passed through the House and the Senate and will soon be on its way to Governor Ron DeSantis for his signature.

Catalytic converters have become a prime target for thieves due to the precious metals contained within them, such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium. The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that these thefts have increased by 1,215% between 2019 and 2022.

This policy will help law enforcement officers and those in the catalytic converter industry prevent theft by imposing tougher penalties for those caught stealing them and by clarifying who can buy them and how they can buy them.

Many players collaborated to shepherd this legislation through the process. Specifically, Colodny Fass clients the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association (FADRA) and the Florida Catalytic Converter Recyclers Coalition (FCCRC) worked with various law enforcement entities across the state to draft SB 306 sponsored by Senator Jim Boyd and HB 185 sponsored by Representative Fred Hawkins. The bipartisan legislation passed off the Senate floor April 4, 2023, with a vote of 39-0 and passed off the House floor, April 19, 2023, with vote of 105-2.

‘I would like to thank the bill sponsors and the Florida State Legislature for their swift action in passing this vital legislation. Not only will it help protect Floridians by deterring theft, it will also further legitimize the transactions of the good actors in the industry,’ said Amanda Fraser, Governmental Consultant at Colodny Fass. ‘We encourage Governor DeSantis to sign this bill into law.’

‘The passage of this legislation is a significant victory for Florida consumers and businesses. We are proud to represent the salvage industry in the state and to continue to work with all of our partners and stakeholders involved to ensure and encourage the proper handling of transactions for these important, restricted metals,’ said Tony Quarno, FADRA President.

‘As catalytic converter recyclers, we look forward to working with our law enforcement friends and industry partners on implementing and complying with this new law to help prevent catalytic converter theft and with responsible sourcing, we will continue to provide these critical precious metals to the marketplace,’ said Steve Contreras, FCCRC President.

If signed, the law will take effect on July 1, 2023 and businesses that sell or purchase catalytic converters will need to comply with the new regulations by then.

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