Liveoak Technologies Expands into Remote Disability Insurance Fraud Investigation

Today, investigative experts utilize Liveoak's Virtual Interactions™ platform to remotely conduct audio and video interviews, conduct range of motion tests via web conferencing technology and walk claimants through completing and signing authorization forms through Liveoak's collaborative tools. The entire interview is recorded, signed authorization forms are attached and every action down to the keystroke is captured and on the record through Liveoak's System-of-Audit™. Future enhancements include integrating facial recognition and artificial intelligence for lie detection into the platform.

In the near term, the benefits of using Liveoak's platform are focused on conducting more interviews in less time without expanding SIU teams and less travel expenses. Liveoak's Head of Sales, Mike Alderson says, "We anticipate finding even greater ROI results as we compile more data. We are hypothesizing that increasing capacity across these teams will allow Insurance companies to lower investigation thresholds and ultimately reduce fraudulent payouts as more claims are researched."

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Liveoak Technologies

Liveoak Technologies was founded in 2015, is venture backed and has strategic investments from financial services leaders such as John Hancock (Manulife), Northwestern Mutual and Prudential's Gibraltar Ventures. Liveoak holds the patent for our interactive transaction platform that combines best-in-class video conferencing, synchronous/collaborative editing and electronic signature. Liveoak has won multiple awards including the 2018 Benzinga Global Fintech Award for Best Customer Engagement Tool and was named one of Austin's hottest startups for 2018. Liveoak is based in Austin, TX and has an office in New York, NY. Liveoak gets virtual business done™

Andy Ambrose