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Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. is the nationís premier national overspray claims management company. We were the first overspray removal company to be listed on the internet and we are a national service company with over fifty years in business. Overspray Removal Specialists has removed overspray from an estimated 300,000 vehicles. Our nationwide service has been providing overspray claims management services to insurance companies, third party administrators, contractors, chemical refineries, power plants, military bases, universities, schools, auto dealerships, businesses, and individuals throughout the nation, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Our five million dollar general liability insurance policy covers all of our onsite operations, and claim sites can be added to it as additional insureds.

Our crews are highly skilled and experienced and maintain safe practices on job sites. Our experienced field managers observe all the cleaning operations and the quality of work being done.

Our services include the removal of many types of airborne emissions such as: epoxy, urethane paint overspray, house paint, roofing foam, iron dust, cement splatters and cement sealer, refinery emissions, asphalt, tar, and graffiti from a large cross-section of oversprayed items such as: water towers, bridges, communication towers, waste water plants, power plants, chemical and oil refineries, shipyards, sports arenas, commercial buildings, post offices, and other painted structures. Our highly skilled technicians have been very successful at removing most types of overspray from: passenger and commercial vehicles, boats and yachts, airplanes, RVís, SUVís, ATVís, motorcycles, mobile homes, trailers, commercial building and home windows and frames, farm equipment, buildings, signs, smooth siding, smooth metal roofs, solar panels, and even patio furniture.
Serving Nationwide
51+ Years
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