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Claims Pages Service Provider Since 11/8/2021
Over the last four decades, we have grown from a boutique firm specializing in handling insurance fraud and arson cases and providing expert witness testimony, to becoming a recognized leader in engineering failure analysis, origin and cause investigations, environmental consulting, laboratory testing and specialty consulting.

Each member of our multi-disciplinary team of more than 500 professional engineers, fire investigators, architects and scientists was selected for his or her technical proficiency, in-depth industry knowledge and commitment to professional integrity. Together, our diverse backgrounds and collective insights empower clients to make better-informed business decisions.

This expertise, coupled with the extensive coverage of more than 50 national offices plus offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil to provide global work abroad capability, has earned us a reputation for delivering timely responses that consistently meets our clients’ expectations — anytime, anywhere.

EFI Global currently provides engineering services in the state of North Carolina by our partner firm, EFI Global of North Carolina, P.C. We also provide engineering services in the states of New York and New Jersey by our partner firm, EFI Global Engineering of New York, P.C.

EFI Global is part of the Sedgwick family of companies, a global leader in the independent insurance claims industry.

International service also in: France, Colombia and Iberia(Portugal & Spain)
Serving Nationwide; International service also in: France, Colombia and Iberia(Portugal & Spain)
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