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Since its inception in 2006, The Globe Roof Inspection Program, LLC along with its own nationally built network of over 1,000 Licensed and Insured roofers have performed over 30,000 roof inspections for some of the industry's largest insurance carriers and independent adjusters. GRIP played a major role in helping adjust both residential and commercial roofs affected by Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy.

Founded by Steve and Bill Loiacono, brothers with a 30 year family history in the restoration industry,identified a need for safe and unbiased Roof Inspections and Ladder Assists. Working closely with insurance adjusters, who did not have the means to safely access rooftops nor feel comfortable atop one. GRIP has built a network to provide safe, unbiased, Roof Inspections and Ladder Assists whenever and wherever needed.

Not only does GRIP perform an unbiased Roof Inspection or Ladder Assist but GRIP's full time staff is available to coordinate your Roof Inspection or Ladder Assist ensuring that it is performed in a timely and professional manner.

Our innovative technology is the industry's first system to allow Insurance Adjusters to manage, track and discuss specific assignments with GRIP roofing professionals. This offers a seamless transition from the GRIP Roof Inspector to the Adjuster with a locked down report.

We handle your policy holders with care! As with any insurance company, the policyholders are a key priority. GRIP Administrators keep in constant contact with the insured or their designate. We make sure the inspections are completed in a timely fashion and the insured is kept informed of the process along the way

Globe Roof Inspection Program (GRIP) offers a complete menu of services to support every adjuster's need. Each adjuster has the opportunity to be present to inspect the roof with a GRIP Roof Inspector (GRI) or GRIP can simply be there to provide a ladder for them to climb and other options in between. Our most popular option is a Full Service Roof inspection in which GRIP sends a GRI to evaluate the entire roof. Each full service GRIP inspection will include a complete overview and specific close up color photos along with description, a digital diagram with accurate measurements and a proper scope or estimate of repair costs as requested by our customers/users. All of the information is then complied into a GRIP report (PDF) and sent directly to the adjuster within 5-7 days, allowing them to inspect and adjust a roof just by clicking a button!


A licensed, insured and trained GRIP Roof Inspector (GRI) will coordinate an appropriate inspection time with the insured. The GRI will fully inspect, measure, diagram, determine cause of loss and estimate any damages. This information will be compiled into a PDF report for your files. Photos can be saved individually as well.


Need help getting up there? GRIP's Ladder Assist program dispatches one of our GRIP Roof Inspectors (GRI) to safely help you access a roof. The Adjuster and GRI will coordinate among themselves an agreed upon time and proper ladder size needed to properly inspect the roof. This feature can typically be handled within a 24-48 hour turnaround time.


Need more than just a ladder? GRIP's innovative new option allows an Adjuster to utilize a GRI to best suit their needs. Not only will a GRI meet the Adjuster, but will provide the proper length ladder for the job. The GRI will also use the Adjusters' camera to capture the photos that are requested. The GRI will also measure and hand draw a sketch of the roof. Finally, our GRI will discuss their findings and any professional opinions on the roof they've inspected with the Adjuster. This feature is essential to give the Adjusters the tools they need to adjust a claim while on site.
Serving the US
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