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KPE design professionals are also forensic engineering experts. Our staff use the lessons learned from investigating construction defects and the design errors of others to maximize the quality of KPE designs.

We communicate between all branch offices and while working on projects across the country. Changing communication methods based on needs is not new for KPE. We are committed to efficient communication with consultants, contractors, and customers. KPE customers praise our response time, which is a direct result of our communication practices.

KPE’s commitment to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions to customer’s challenges remains constant regardless of complications that arise. The current environment allows us to demonstrate our ability to adapt to changing conditions without sacrificing quality.

Reliability to KPE means practicing our other core values consistently. Our commitment to these values is exemplified in our 20 years of business with 80% repeat clients.


KPE designs building upgrades or new structures, tenant improvements and complete facility modernization for mixed-use, retail, restaurant, business, office, multi-family, churches and other clients.


KPE designs new schools and modernizes older campus facilities to foster 21st Century learning. We guide school leaders through the complexities of planning, community engagement, design, construction and occupancy.


Each year, KPE investigates hundreds of events involving property loss and liability damage. We mitigate repairs and design useful remedies to assist insurance companies, legal advisers and property owners.


KPE designs buildings and facility improvements for railroads, intermodal yards, truck centers, freight terminals, heavy equipment repair, automotive dealerships, bus barns, and fleet maintenance.


We design heavy duty buildings/systems including: power, lighting, natural gas, fuel oil, steam, domestic water, compressed air, fire protection, HVAC, hydraulics, hospital gases, and sewers.

KPE is dedicated to providing high quality services that will ensure project delivery on-schedule and within budget. Whether we are working for the building owner, an owner’s rep, a construction firm, a contractor, an insurance company or a legal advisor, our goal is to always deliver an excellent product in a professional manner
Serving Nebraska, Iowa & North Dakota
20 Years
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