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Frontier Adjusters is a network of independent, multi-line claims adjusters that has been serving the property and casualty insurance industry since 1957. Our local franchised offices have successfully worked with thousands of insurance companies, TPAs and self-insured customers. Frontier has handled millions of assignments including, but not limited to, auto appraisals, property estimates, complex casualty claims and catastrophic events of all kinds. With over 640 franchised offices throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada, our extensive network is able to provide prompt, professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Phoenix-based Customer Service Center is connected to each of our local offices through our proprietary claims management system – FACTS (Frontier Adjusters Claim Tracking System). Our local offices are connected to FACTS to manage their customer assignments, their file documents and their file communication; thereby ensuring greater conformity and quality across our entire network.

Frontier Adjusters is not the place one starts an adjusting career. We do not consider people for franchises without a minimum of 5 years of multi-line property and casualty experience. It is more common for prospective franchisees to come to us from major carriers where they served as local, regional, and/or national claim managers; or from competing IA firms that are consolidating offices or eliminating staff; or from TPA’s and other industry claim sources. This is why we can state that our owner-operators average more than 15 years of claim experience in the property and casualty business.

Frontier Adjusters is built on a concept that each claim assignment is an opportunity to perform at a high level to better ensure that we will receive the next assignment. Our owner-operators do not receive a paycheck every two weeks. They are business owners who understand the value of a customer relationship and are committed to the same. Their business is predicated upon great customer service and customer retention.

We provide independent adjusting services for virtually every major property and casualty insurance carrier and third party administrator (TPA) operating in the US and Canada; we also work directly for a large number of self-insured entities.


The diversity of our customer base and the claim assignments we receive place a high premium on experience and expertise. We are proud to state our network of our owner-operators averages more than 15 years of multi-line claims experience including time in claim management and supervisory capacities.
Serving Nationwide
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