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Claims Pages Service Provider Since 12/15/2020
Envista Forensics is the global leader in providing comprehensive forensic consulting and engineering services. Our multi-disciplinary teams of highly skilled experts lend their expertise to insurance and legal professionals.

The nearly 600 professionals, located across 30 offices in seven countries comprise the Envista team. Our team is committed to providing the best possible service through vast experience, thought leadership, and unparalleled expertise. It's the people, our trusted advisors, who make Envista Forensics the world-class organization we are today. We’re there to be the face of certainty for our clients when they need it most.

With hundreds of experts around the world, Envista’s global presence allows our experts and engineers to collaborate with some of the top minds in the industry, from all backgrounds and specialties, to meet our clients’ needs no matter the size or location of the loss.

Clients trust our experts, engineers, and consultants to provide expertise, investigation, project management, and multi-disciplinary analysis following any type of incident or disaster. From the most common routine requests that require rapid or local assistance to complex losses that require the need for multi-disciplinary management and experience, to rarer and more unusual cases that need a highly specialized, niche industry expert--our passion lies in the science behind the why, and providing that education to our clients.

Envista’s team of forensic experts proactively look to understand, focus, and assess the rapidly evolving risks our clients face in the post-incident environment. We understand the need for a quick, responsive, and technical approach to the work we undertake, as well as the need for support, advice, and ongoing communication.

We strive to have the expertise for any need that may arise and to teach and educate when and where we can, which is why we devote energy toward not only hiring the best in the industry but also continuing to develop them. We equip our experts with and stay abreast of, new technologies that may present creative ways to solve complex, technical issues for our clients.

Technology is at the heart of what we do and the center of the world we live in today. Our engineers work in state-of-the-art laboratories with forms of AI, UAV, 3D imagery, and more in order to deliver answers to our clients, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Our Mission is Simple

Delivering certainty to clients facing claims and disputes by collaboratively solving challenging technical problems and fostering fulfilling careers for our team members.

Our job is to solve complex problems for our clients, in the face of a disaster. We want to serve business owners, small and large, no matter where they are in the world, and no matter what problem they are facing. To us, this work is moving and inspiring, and in the end, we do what we were sent to do: solve problems and help people.

This philosophy is ingrained in everything we do because by nature, we are in the business of helping others. To do so, we strive to continuously foster and create an environment where we are operating, both internally and externally, on a foundation of mutual respect, caring, and complete fairness. We have and will continue to help communities in need, while concurrently exploring our internal philosophies surrounding our commitment to developing the most passionate, admirable, and thoughtful leaders.
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