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Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. can now restore scratched, pitted, and hazed vehicle paint surfaces that have been damaged by overspray. Vehicles no longer need to be repainted at two to three times our cost.

Our clearcoat application has undergone rigorous testing by major auto manufacturers abd was found to be equal to or superior to theirs. Our re-clear coat application is guaranteed to last through the duration of a vehicle's original manufacturer's paint guarantee of usually five years under normal vehicle operating conditions. Last year we re-clear coated over 100 vehicles on claim sites natiowide for insurance companies and painting contractors.

We are also able to recondition vehicles' rubber, plastic, molding, and trim parts to a new like appearance, saving their cost of replacement.

Our high quality auto clearcoat restoration along with the reconditioning of molding and trim parts can be completed onsite in two to three days or less, at a fraction of the cost auto body shops and dealerships would charge for the repainting of vehicles and their parts replacement.
Serving Nationwide
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