Special Weather Statement in Caroline County, Virginia
Issued by the National Weather Service and archived by Claims Pages
EXPIRED 2/12/2024 7:17:00 AM (UTC) Urgency: Expected Severity: Moderate Certainty: Observed
2/12/2024 7:17:00 AM until 2/12/2024 9:30:00 AM
Slow down and use caution while traveling. Be sure to check road conditions before traveling in these areas. Visit the Arkansas Department of Transportation's website Idrivearkansas.com for the latest road and traffic conditions.
Patchy dense fog has developed across portions of central and southeast Virginia this morning, reducing visibilities to as low as one quarter to one half of a mile at times. The patchy nature of the fog will lead to rapidly changing conditions for those traveling this morning. Motorists are advised to use extra caution this morning, slow down, increase following distance, and remain alert for sudden drops in visibility.
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