Flood Warning in Volusia County, Florida
Issued by the National Weather Service and archived by Claims Pages
EXPIRED 2/25/2024 7:54:00 AM (UTC) Urgency: Immediate Severity: Severe Certainty: Observed
2/25/2024 7:54:00 AM until 2/26/2024 8:00:00 AM
Slow down and use caution while traveling.
The Flood Warning is extended for the following rivers in Georgia... Altamaha River At Doctortown affecting Long and Wayne Counties. ...The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in Georgia... Altamaha River At Charlotteville affecting Toombs, Montgomery and Jeff Davis Counties. Altamaha River At Everett City affecting McIntosh, Glynn and Wayne Counties. Altamaha River At Baxley affecting Tattnall, Appling, Wayne and Toombs Counties. Additional information is available at https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/forecasts.php?wfo=jax. The next statement will be issued Monday morning at 800 AM EST. * WHAT...Moderate flooding is occurring and moderate flooding is forecast. * WHERE...Altamaha River at Everett City. * WHEN...Until further notice. * IMPACTS...At 12.0 feet, Agricultural and timber lands near the river are flooded. At 13.0 feet, Water begins to encroach upon Altamaha Regional Park in Glynn County. This includes Altamaha Park Road, Betty Lott Lane and Bee Tree Island Road. In McIntosh County, Barrington Park at the end of Harper Lake Road begins to flood. Blue Reach Road also begins to flood near the Long County line. At 14.0 feet, Portions of Altamaha Regional Park become inundated, including the park campground, boat ramps and parking lots. Bee Tree Island Road is flooded and closed. The end of Betty Lott Lane is flooded and homes become cut off. At 15.0 feet, In Glynn County, the majority of Altamaha Regional Park becomes inundated, including water flowing across sections of Altamaha Park Road and Pennick Road. The Altamaha Regional Park is subject to closure at this level. Homes in the vicinity of the park are cut off by flood waters at this level, but elevated structures are not flooded. In McIntosh County, much of Barrington Park is underwater. Plum Orchard Road begins to flood. At 16.5 feet, In McIntosh County, water will approach a few elevated homes on Barrington Ferry Road, possibly restricting access. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS... - At 7:30 AM EST Sunday the stage was 14.3 feet. - Forecast...The river is expected to rise to a crest of 14.5 feet just after midnight tonight. - Flood stage is 13.0 feet. - http://www.weather.gov/safety/flood
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