Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Brooke County, West Virginia
Issued by the National Weather Service and archived by Claims Pages
EXPIRED 4/2/2024 9:08:00 PM (UTC) Urgency: Immediate Severity: Severe Certainty: Observed
4/2/2024 9:08:00 PM until 4/2/2024 9:17:00 PM
Remain alert for a possible tornado! Tornadoes can develop quickly from severe thunderstorms. If you spot a tornado go at once into the basement or small central room in a sturdy structure. For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building. A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 1000 PM EDT/900 PM CDT/ for south central and central Kentucky.
The storm which prompted the warning has weakened below severe limits, and no longer poses an immediate threat to life or property. Therefore, the warning will be allowed to expire. However, gusty winds and heavy rain are still possible with this thunderstorm. A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 200 AM EDT for southeastern Ohio. To report severe weather, contact your nearest law enforcement agency. They will relay your report to the National Weather Service Charleston West Virginia.
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