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Since 2001 we design and develop software for clients in a diverse set of industries including insurance, life sciences, media & entertainment, education and finance. We offer consulting services for IT projects and focus on close collaboration with our clients. By using series of short development cycles, we facilitate transparency to the development process and help ideas mature and evolve in the right direction over time.


Our services focus on protecting our clients from unnecessary legal costs, fees, sanctions or regulatory fines.

Blue Goose Technology Solutions

We provide carriers integrated solutions for underwriting, document management, billing and accounting. At Blue Goose, we have over 100 years combined experience and know how to take care of every aspect of your technology needs.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism's digital workers harness leading AI and machine learning technologies to put the power of automation into the hands of your people.

Bold Penguin

The Bold Penguin Marketplace is a highly efficient commercial insurance exchange that connects customers, agents, and carriers to match the right quote in record time.


BriteCore is a fully-managed core platform for property and casualty insurers that supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models. Designed as a cloud-native solution, BriteCore is deployed using Amazon Web Services and is continually updated for maximum security, efficiency, and durability at scale. API integration capabilities provide access to third-party solutions, expanding on BriteCore's foundational core, data, and digital offerings. Insurance carriers, MGAs, and InsurTechs partner with BriteCore to gain a competitive edge through efficient operations, compelling customer experiences, and speed to market.


Briza is a Toronto, ON and Austin, TX based company. We are enabling the P&C insurance industry's digital distribution evolution. Briza is an online quote, bind, and payment tool that makes small business policies more valuable for your agency, and help you deliver commercial insurance to small business clients in minutes, not hours or days. For carriers, our platform acts as a marketplace for automated underwriting models, allowing insurers to bring their products to the world in digital form quickly and cheaply.

Burkitt Computer Group

Exceptional business software from imagination to innovation: we are dedicated to providing the tools you need for maximizing productivity, client satisfaction and profitability through customer guided product improvements.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

We are improving insurance and ridesharing using AI, machine learning, IoT devices, and human-centric behavioral science. We use the power of mobile telematics to unlock the potential inside your business to save money, time, and lives. The result: safer drivers, safer passengers, faster and more accurate claims processes, and more.

Displaying 41 - 50 of 278
Displaying 41 - 50 of 278