The UK Croupier Salary Study: Regional Variations and Online Casino Trends

The UK Croupier Salary Study: Regional Variations and Online Casino Trends

  Monday, January 29th, 2024   Partner Content

Croupiers, also known as dealers, are essential to any online casino in the UK. They are in charge of a gambling table, whether a table for Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, or some other game. The croupier profession is, however, more lucrative in some regions of the country than others. But the croupier’s salary also depends on several other factors you will discover shortly. Whether you are looking to pursue this career or are simply a casino enthusiast interested in the topic, you can familiarize yourself with the regional salary variations, online casino trends, and other relevant information in this detailed article.

Understanding Croupier Salaries in the UK

First of all, what is a croupier job? Croupiers are persons running gaming tables. Their part in the game is to collect and pay out money or chips. They are also responsible for dealing cards out. In addition, there are TV croupiers whose position is less demanding. The croupier's salary depends on several factors, such as location and the popularity of a casino, and may depend on experience. However, one survey reveals there is no difference among an entry, average, and senior-level dealer's earnings in the London Greater Area.

It is important to analyze regional variations in croupier salary for several reasons. Firstly, operators can pay their workers accordingly if they know the average salary by location. If the company is looking for new stuff, it may offer higher wages to attract employees. It also sheds light on how much the gaming industry is prepared to adapt to local economies.

Online Casino Trends: The Rise of Video Mode Croupiers

If you asked - What does a croupier do? - 24 years ago, the answer would only apply to land-based casinos. First dealers appeared on gambling sites in the early 2000s with the introduction of live dealer games. Tables operated by real-life dealers made the online gaming experience more authentic. Operators now use high-resolution cameras to provide live streams of croupiers. Moreover, they constantly work on enhancing the live casino experience, as these games are popular among UK players.

Almost all gambling sites now have a dedicated live casino section where you can play different variations of live table games. In such circumstances, making a choice can be difficult. Therefore, many players seek professional recommendations from Gamblizard or other gambling experts. Whether they are looking for the top casino bonuses with live dealer games, various game categories, no deposit bonus, or according to some other criteria, they can quickly find top options. The rest is left to the players' choice.

Regional Variations in Croupier Salaries

The average salary for casino croupiers in the United Kingdom is £1,820 per month or £25,701 per year. However, the amount varies from one region to the next. Multiple factors are involved here, such as the cost of living, gambling industry prevalence, etc. Places with higher living expenses and the popularity of online casinos will offer higher croupier wages. Companies with higher revenue may offer higher salaries to their staff.

Below, you can find an average croupier's salary per month by city:

  • London(Greater London, South East England): £1,960
  • Cardiff (Cardiff Capital Region, Wales): £1,938
  • Brighton (East Sussex, South East England): £1,889
  • Manchester (Greater Manchester, North West England): £1,822
  • Northern Ireland: £1,806
  • Blackpool (Lancashire, North West England): £1,700
  • Nottingham (Nottinghamshire, East Midlands): £1,653
  • Edinburgh (Lothian region, Scotland): £1,626
  • Bristol (South West England): £1,570
  • Birmingham (Metropolitan county of West Midlands): £1,510
  • Glasgow (Glasgow City, Scotland): £1,487

The living expenses in the London Greater Area are 44% higher than the average cost of living in the UK. Because of that, London has the highest salary for dealers. On the other hand, Glasgow, whose cost of living for one person is lower by nearly £3,000, has a lower gambling table salary.

One research revealed that online gambling is the most popular in cities like Huddersfield, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Bristol. Therefore, casinos there generally provide higher salaries to dealers than places with the same life expenses but not that big of an interest in gambling sites. It may surprise you, but London was not on the list of the top 10 gambling cities in the UK.

It’s also worth mentioning that dealers receive bonuses on top of salaries. They range between £1,000 and £17,000 per year. Meanwhile, the croupier salaries in the UK may go up as high as £34,000 a month and above.

Where Croupiers Earn More and Where Less?

London and South East England is where croupier salaries are the highest. It isn’t surprising that the capital has the highest cost of living, hence the highest wages. South East England’s proximity to the capital also means housing prices and other expenses are rather high.

Therefore, croupier salaries in this region are not far behind London’s. The cost of living in Scotland is significantly lower than the national average. But the fact an average dealer salary in Edinburgh is £1,626 per month proves that employees are among the best-paid.

When the County Borough of Teesside experienced a rise in casinos, the Middlesbrough College trains croupier skills to students. There is a special course teaching them about the game rules, odds, how to spot problem gamblers, and more. That helps them get off to an easy start if they want to try their hand at that job. So, croupier opportunities also depend on the prominence of that industry in a particular region.

Regions like North East England and West Midlands have some of the lowest wages in the UK. Unsurprisingly, North East England has the lowest cost of living in Britain, while the West Midlands takes the third place.

Impact on Croupier Salaries and Employment

Live game providers with offices in countries with lower standards of living can be beneficial for aspiring croupiers. Even though these studios offer lower salaries than casinos in the UK, they ensure the wages are appropriate for that region. Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, and some other countries are particularly popular among gaming software developers. Evolution Gaming has the largest number of office spaces, covering European and North American continents.

However, because they have outsourced employees, it's difficult to gauge whether those companies create more job opportunities in those countries. Nevertheless, this can be a valuable working experience for croupiers. It will be easier to find a job in a casino if they have some experience.

Dealers will undergo extensive training there, learning the game rules, betting procedures, business etiquette, and more. They should also share gaming etiquette with players and teach them about do's and don'ts in casinos. However, live croupiers must be prepared for irregular working hours. Since gambling sites work 24/7, they may be required to work night shifts or weekends, thus catering to gamblers from different time zones. Technical competence is a big part of this job, and dealers should be able to troubleshoot minor technical problems.


Wages of online casino croupiers vary by the UK region, city, and casino. Factors contributing to differences include cost of living, demand for online casinos, casino's reputability, etc. An average salary ranges between around £1,400 and nearly £2,000, depending on the region. The lowest dealer salaries are £15,000 or below, while the highest are £34,000 and above. This information is valuable for aspiring croupiers, as they can distinguish a good deal from a bad one. Finally, players can look forward to improvements in traditional and live table games as operators are constantly searching for new methods to improve customers' experience.

Author’s Bio: Jamie Wall is a casino analyst at Gamblizard who formerly worked as a game developer at NetEnt. Having obtained substantial experience as part of the NetEnt team, he can provide valuable insights about any casino game. Not surprisingly, he spends his free time video gaming or going out with friends.

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