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Authority. The state board of health shall provide a forum for the development of public health policy in the state of Iowa and shall have the following powers and duties: Prevention of epidemics and the spread of disease, including communicable and infectious diseases such as zoonotic diseases, quarantine and isolation, sexually transmitted diseases, and antitoxins and vaccines.

Penalties. Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, a person who knowingly violates any provision of this chapter, or of the rules of the department or a local board, or any lawful order, written or oral, of the department or board, or of their officers or authorized agents, is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.

Police Power & Limitations: Area quarantine or isolation must be imposed by the least restrictive means necessary to prevent the spread of disease. A person subject to forced quarantine or isolation may employ, at the person's own expense, a health care professional of the person's choice.