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Authority. The department may adopt and enforce quarantine measures against a state, county or municipality to prevent the spread of communicable disease. If found necessary or desirable to protect public health, state and local health officers or their authorized deputies or agents shall isolate or quarantine persons who refuse examination or treatment. Local boards may quarantine persons who have communicable diseases. Local health officers or their authorized representatives shall establish and maintain quarantine and isolation measures as enacted by the local board of health.

Penalties. A person who does not comply with quarantine measures shall, on conviction, be fined not less than $10 or more than $100.

Police Power and Limitations. (Tuberculosis). The department or a local board may apply for an order from the district court if a person is reasonably suspected to have or to have been exposed to tuberculosis. The application must request that the person be ordered to:

  1. submit to an examination for tuberculosis and, if the person is found to have tuberculosis, to complete an approved course of treatment; or
  2. enter or return to a treatment location to complete an approved course of treatment.