Depreciation Guide (Personal Property)

This personal property Depreciation Guide suggests life expectancy and depreciation rates for individual items in a variety of categories such as appliances, bedding, clothing and furniture. It is downloaded thousands of times every year and is used by hundreds of insurance companies thoughout the United States.


Personal Property Summary Chart

The personal property summary itemizes rooms and areas in a house, with columns to calculate repair cost, actual cash value and replacement cost.

Worksheet Contents Personal Property FEMA Form 086-0-6 (4/17)

The adjuster and the policyholder list and assess the inventory of flood-damaged personal property on this form.

Diminution In Value Cases In All 50 States

Diminution in value is claimed when the value of a damaged, but repaired, item is less than the value before the loss. Subrogation professionals should be aware of when and how the laws of each state deal with diminution of value. This chart is a summary of how the first-party issue is treated in all 50 states.

Guidelines and Requested Data for Electrical Systems at Fire Scenes

A guide for fire scene investigation of electrical systems.

Michigan - Traffic Crash Report Guide (10/15)

Use this code guide to decipher the Michigan traffic crash report.