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A list of ACORD forms used by insurance agents, with a link to purchase documents including personal property applications, schedules, loss notices, workers compensation forms, excess and surplus lines sections, and policy change requests.

Statement Of Loss W/O Enclosures

An adjuster's statement of a loss using Schedules A, B & C.

Non-Waiver Agreement

The non-waiver agreement is signed by the policyholder; its purpose is to protect the insurer. Insurer reserves all of its rights under the policy to investigate and defend a claim without admission of any liability for loss.

Denial - No Coverage

This form letter identifies the claimant, insurer, adjuster and date of loss; it is a claim denial for lack of coverage under the insured's policy.

FP-1 (11/11) - Dwelling Policy - Basic Form

The Basic Dwelling Policy contains coverages, perils, exclusions and conditions.

California Earthquake Authority - Claim Manual 2016

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) claim manual is designed to assist claim representatives in the investigation and settlement of earthquake claims.

4 Column Adjuster Worksheet

Financial worksheet for calculating a repair estimate, with one column to itemize losses, and 4 columns for replacement cost, quantity or age, depreciation, and actual cash value.

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Classification Chart

Hurricane classification chart based on wind speed and and central storm pressure.

Displaying 31 - 40 of 200
Displaying 31 - 40 of 200