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Reservation Of Rights Letter

The reservation of rights letter notifies the policyholder that the insurer reserves the right to deny coverage of a claim, in whole or part, pending outcome of a claims investigation.

Adjuster's Log Sheet

Daily log to document adjuster activity on a specific claim.

Cause of Loss and Subrogation Report FEMA Form 086-0-16 (04/17)

The adjuster uses this form to identify potentially responsible third parties and their actions that may have caused worsened flood damage. This includes looking at foundation grading and adequacy of sewer lines.

Excavation Law - Summary Of State Laws & Provisions

Summary of excavation laws and provisions per state in a simple table format.

Inland Marine Proof Of Loss

Inland Marine Proof of Loss form is a legal document to be completed by an insured in support of a claim.

Property Loss Worksheet (Spanish)

Use this worksheet to inventory property and content losses, and obtain an estimate of replacement costs. It contains columns to factor in age, original cost, replacement cost and depreciation to calculate ACV (actual cash value).

Digital Photo Sheet 2

Form for digital photo documentation for an adjuster's file.

Release & Subrogation Receipt (Spanish)

A legal form signed by an insured acknowledging receipt of settlement and release of all subrogation rights to the insurer.

Displaying 11 - 20 of 202
Displaying 11 - 20 of 202