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Automobile Accident Promissory Note (Spanish)

Customized automobile subrogation promissory note which allows the insurance company to notify DMV/BMV in case of default by the tortfeasor.

Hold Harmless Agreement (Spanish)

This is a contract that releases one party from any legal and financial responsibility for all loss or damage or future claims by the other party in exchange for a settlement.

Witness Report Of Accident (Spanish)

Witness statement describing an accident in detail.

Proof Of Loss (Mobile Home) (Spanish)

A legal form documenting a claimant's property loss involving a mobile home.

Memorandum For Appraisal (Spanish)

Memorandum for Appraisal is used in property damage situations where insured and insurer disagree on actual cash value, and is binding on the parties as to the amount of loss.

Schedule Of Contents (Spanish)

A contents inventory form, with columns to itemize place and date of purchase, cost, condition, actual value and amount claimed.

Proof Of Loss (Burglary) (Spanish)

A sworn statement by a policyholder on a theft claim which lists the items stolen and their values. Filled out and notarized, this is a formal request by the insured for payment from the insurance company.

Request For Medical Docs/Bills From Dr. (Spanish)

A form letter requesting medical documents and bills from a physician providing treatment to a claimant, sent with a medical authorization.

Notice Under Subrogation Rights (Spanish)

Claim form used to notify an individual of subrogation rights of an insurer for an auto insurance loss.

Displaying 41 - 50 of 85
Displaying 41 - 50 of 85