Speed Distance Chart

Chart of feet traveled per second relative to speed (mph).


Reaction And Braking Distance Table

Basic reference table displaying reaction and braking distances for vehicles traveling at a specific speed.

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Classification Chart

Hurricane classification chart based on wind speed and and central storm pressure.

Medical Terminology Chart

A chart of common medical terms and their meanings.

Automobile VIN Decoding Chart

A unique code of numbers and letters comprise a motor vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number. The VIN indicates the country of origin, manufacturer, plant, vehicle type, make and model, year, engine size, overall dimensions, trim package, brakes and tires, warranty and safety restraints.

Blood Alcohol Content Chart

Reference chart showing what a person's blood alcohol content may be, based on the number of drinks consumed within an hour. Includes a person's weight as a factor.

Building Terminology Chart

Dozens of common building terms and their definitions.