Professional Development On The Go for Insurance Professionals

Professional Development On The Go for Insurance Professionals

  Wednesday, July 29th, 2020  Jon Isaacson   The Do Your Job Dojo

Do you have friends that you feel are doing more than you to advance their personal and professional development? Often, when my peers post about the latest best-selling book that they devoured in just a few nights, I think to myself, "How did they make the time?"

I know there is no such thing as free time. You have to make time for whatever it is that you want to pursue, but it can be exhausting. You can run out of designated time quickly.

While audio books have made many top titles from renowned authors available as a means to fill time with productive insights, podcasts are a great use of windshield time.

I will share some of the podcasts that I am aware of that touch on career, leadership and professional development within the insurance community. Some of my favorite podcasts are people in various stages of leadership roles and responsibilities, sharing the lessons they have learned through trial, error, adaptation, and endurance.

IN the Know is your podcast connection to the top innovators, strategists, storytellers, thought leaders, movers, shakers, and go-getters in the risk management and insurance community. Along with host Chris Hampshire—an insurance industry veteran, CPCU designation holder, and a CPCU Society volunteer leader—you'll get an INside, UNSCRIPTED look at how they got here, where they’re going, and how YOU can benefit from their experience and INsight.

Profiles in Risk is the podcast of the Insurance Nerds network, offering an informative, fun and sometimes irreverent look at the insurance industry. This is the only recurring podcast dedicated to insurance careers, insurtech startups, and analysis of insurance current events.

Two college friends, Eric Sprague and Larry Wilberton, went into business together to build an insurance repairs company that they successfully sold. They now use that knowledge to help growing businesses and young professionals develop soft skills so that they can expand their career opportunities, while contributing to the vision of the organizations they work for.

Dr. Karen Hardy, “The Risk Management Storyteller,” discusses “the human factor of risk-taking and how it influences our business and personal achievements.” Dr. Hardy has committed her professional career towards helping millions break free from the crippling fears of risk by using creative problem-solving methods, and brings her years of experience and achievement to her podcast.

If you ever want to take a deep dive into the sciences behind building sciences and indoor air quality, Joe Hughes and Cliff Zlotnik have one of the longest running podcasts in this space. For insurance professionals who want to enrich their understanding of the technical aspects that lead to coverage issues, the IAQ Radio library is an impressive one.

Straight Talk is a webcast from Jeff Cross, the editorial director of ISSA Media. It provides a wealth of knowledge for insurance professionals who are navigating life in a pandemic so that they can help themselves, teams, families and clients continue to operate safely.

Jason Heenan hosts this podcast which gives an insider's view into the work of being an insurance adjuster. Whether listeners are interested in pursuing this career path or want to balance their knowledge of policies with how they are executed in the field, Adjuster Talk gathers professionals from around the world to discuss approaches to claims.

Pro vs. Joe is a podcast within a podcast from The DYOJO podcast. Hosts Bryan Close, The Joe, and Jon Isaacson, The Pro, discuss career development. They help teams to navigate change and encourage leaders to keep their head in the game when building their vision, shortening the learning curve along the professional growth journey. This dynamic duo provides education and entertainment, what Pro vs. Joe calls INFOtainment.

So many great tools at such a great price (free)

If you have a significant commute, like to work with background noise, or want to catch up on some leadership development while you multitask, podcasts are a great way to relax and supplement your learning goals. Wherever you are at in your career, it is awesome to know there are peers who are sharing their knowledge to help you chart your path.

Jon Isaacson is a freelance writer, business coach, speaker and 17-year veteran of the property restoration industry. His organization, The DYOJO - The Do Your Job Dojo, specializes in helping individuals, teams and organizations to Develop Intentionally. Jon also hosts the DYOJO Podcast which features discussions with insurance entrepreneurs and is available on Apple, Spotify, Anchor and Google.

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