Learn the pivotal role of effective data management in claims efficiency, and how mastering data analytics can revolutionize both claims processing and customer service in the insurance sector.
  December 19   Claims Pages Staff

Explore the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence in claims handling, uncovering its potential to reshape the industry with innovative solutions and navigating the challenges it presents.
  December 19   Claims Pages Staff

Discover how Nationwide Overspray leads the way in efficient and eco-friendly overspray claims handling, combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise to set new standards in customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship.
  December 19   Nationwide Overspray

Discover how automation is revolutionizing claims processing, offering insights into state-of-the-art tools and practices that significantly boost efficiency and accuracy in claims management.
  December 19   Claims Pages Staff

Learn to identify and investigate potential insurance fraud, focusing on key indicators and best investigative practices for claims adjusters.
  November 19   Claims Pages Staff

Geopolitical crises and economic and climate shocks affect not only the lives of citizens but also financial markets. They are sensitive to news of both economic and political nature.
  November 1 Sponsored

Navigate the complex world of state-specific insurance regulations with our in-depth guide. Discover key strategies and insights to enhance your claims handling skills and ensure compliance across diverse legal landscapes.
  October 19   Claims Pages Staff

Homeownership comes with its fair share of joys and responsibilities. While having a place to call your own is fulfilling, unexpected home repairs can quickly turn that joy into stress.
  October 3 Sponsored

Insurance companies are the latest of the financial service providers who accept Bitcoin. But why do they do it, and who are they? Let's see.
  October 3 Sponsored

Personal loans can be a lifesaver when we need money to deal with unexpected expenses like medical bills or essential home improvements. But here's the catch: borrowing money can be a bit scary.
  September 23 Sponsored

Debt is common to many people's daily lives. The causes of it vary from person to person, but it usually involves gambling, addiction, medical expenses, poor money management, and social and economic disparities.
  September 23 Sponsored

Discover the key to unparalleled efficiency in the demanding world of claims management. This article guides you through transformative strategies, from smart prioritization to effective delegation, ensuring every moment of your day counts.
  September 17   Claims Pages Staff

The future of poker is in the hands of online advancement. Considering the growth of internet and smartphone usage, the online poker market is betting a boom.
  August 23 Sponsored

Discovering a luxury vehicle that combines performance, style, and affordability all in one is akin to unearthing a rare diamond in the rough.
  August 23 Sponsored

Ever had a lingering question about a vehicle or its owner? License Plate Lookup is the answer! What is a License Plate Lookup? Firstly, let's demystify this.
  August 21 Sponsored

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