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’A gamekeeper shot my phone’ - the strangest mobile insurance claims

 Friday, March 7, 2014

 The Telegraph

Gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble has rounded up the strangest reasons customers have given for the demise or loss of their phones, including being blasted by a shotgun and lost in a freezer cabinet. "I was out shooting one day when my mobile phone rang," said one claimant. "The gamekeeper confiscated it, threw it into the air and gave it both barrels of a 12 bore shotgun!" Dogs are a common element in the demise of mobile phones. One particularly hungry pet decided it was a good idea to eat nearly all of one claimant’s phone, whilst another diligently placed their owner’s handset in the garden’s birdbath. Eight-month-old puppy Scooby dropped his owner’s mobile in his waterbowl.