From a dead giraffe in a zoo to discovering an ancient burial ground, insurance adjusters share their most bizarre and unexpected claims in a fascinating Reddit thread. These stories range from the humorous to the eerie, offering a unique glimpse into the unpredictable world of insurance.
July 16 Fraud Litigation Property Weird Florida Missouri Oklahoma

The USPS concluded its 2024 National Dog Bite Awareness Campaign amid a rise in dog attacks on postal workers, emphasizing safe mail delivery and responsible pet ownership.
June 10 Education & Training Insurance Industry Risk Management Weird California Florida Illinois Michigan Missouri

Judge Judy takes legal action against the National Enquirer for falsely linking her to the Menendez brothers’ retrial efforts, seeking damages for reputational harm.
May 15 Litigation Weird Florida

A recent CDC report investigates a cluster of infections linked to Brazilian butt lift procedures at a South Florida clinic, emphasizing the need for improved safety protocols.
May 2 Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Risk Management Weird California Florida

After her daughter heard strange noises, a North Carolina mother discovered a massive bee colony in their home, leading to a costly and intricate removal process.
May 1 Insurance Industry Property Technology Weird North Carolina

A couple from DeFuniak Springs, Florida, was arrested for attempting to claim a $1 million lottery prize using an altered scratch-off ticket.
April 22 Fraud Weird Florida

In a daring Easter Sunday burglary, a skilled crew infiltrated a San Fernando Valley cash storage facility, making off with up to $30 million.
April 9 Fraud Weird California

In a shocking insurance fraud case, a man in Taiwan attempted to claim over $1 million by self-inflicting frostbite, leading to a double amputation.
March 14 Fraud Insurance Industry Life & Health Weird

In a strategic move, the ’Rust’ trial defense calls witnesses to underscore systemic issues and investigative shortcomings, distancing their client from sole responsibility.
March 7 Life & Health Litigation Risk Management Weird New Mexico

A court’s decision to uphold an insurer’s claim denial for roof damage caused by turkey vultures highlights the complexities in defining ’infestation’ for insurance purposes.
January 25 Litigation Property Weird Maryland Pennsylvania

Two stray dogs are responsible for extensive damage at G Motors in Houston, tearing bumpers and scratching paint off vehicles.
January 11 Catastrophe Liability Property Weird Texas

A woman says that a trip down a waterslide at a Disney World theme park ended in injuries serious enough to require surgery.
October 2, 2023 Liability Litigation Weird Florida

A woman hopping inside a Dodge Charger for a cigarette sparked an explosion that destroyed the car, burned down a significant portion of her home and left her with third-degree burns.
September 28, 2023 Auto Property Weird North Carolina

A federal grand jury in Alaska has returned an indictment against 24-year-old Paul Bates of Anchorage, charging him with intentionally starting a fire in an apartment building on October 30, 2022.
September 27, 2023 Property Weird Alaska

Geico is off the hook, at least for now, from paying $5.2 million to a Missouri woman who alleged she contracted a sexually transmitted disease in a car insured by the company.
January 11, 2023 Auto Litigation Weird Missouri

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