Buck Up And Watch Out For Deer

 Friday, September 30, 2016

 Insurance News Net

The odds of drawing a license for North Dakota’s deer gun season remain slim, but the odds of hitting that buck, doe or fawn with a vehicle are increasing on both sides of the Red River, a new report says. State Farm insurance company this week issued a report indicating Minnesota drivers are 1.3 percent more likely to hit a deer than they were last year, while drivers in North Dakota are a whopping 24.2 percent more likely to hit a deer. The odds: 1 in 91 in North Dakota, up from 1 in 113 last year, and 1 in 80 in Minnesota, up from 1 in 81 last year. Minnesota ranks seventh in the U.S. for car-deer collisions while North Dakota logs in at 14th.

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