How Home Insurers Could Be On The Hook For Cyber Bullying

 Tuesday, June 5, 2018

 Canadian Underwriter

Cyber bullying, which can result in liability claims under home insurance policies, will soon be grounds for lawsuits in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia government is now “on the verge” of bringing Bill 27 into force, law student Brayden McDonald wrote Friday on the CanLII Connects blog site. Bill 27, An Act Respecting the Unauthorized Distribution of Intimate Images and Protection Against Cyber-bullying, replaces the Cyber-safety Act, which was ruled unconstitutional in 2015 by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in the Crouch v. Snell ruling. Laws allowing cyber bullying victims to sue were top of mind earlier this year at the 51st annual joint conference of the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Insurance Claims Managers Association and the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association.
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