Lethal Inaction: As Fatal Truck Crashes Surge, U.S. Government Won’t Make An Easy Fix

 Monday, September 10, 2018

 The Kansas City Star

Trucker Jeff Kolkman was an ace within Green Transportation’s squadron of “road pilots.” The lanky, 38-year-old father of four was, according to his dispatcher, “a very safe driver who followed the rules. He always put safety first.” Until one spring afternoon when he didn’t. In a dash-cam recording from inside the cab of a 2016 Volvo semi, Kolkman stares down at a black tablet computer in his right hand while piloting the 18-wheeler down the interstate at 70 mph. It ends seconds later as the truck slams into the rear of a 2014 Toyota Camry stuck in traffic outside West Terre Haute, Ind. Kolkman’s big rig never braked, one witness told the state police.
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