Insurers, Take Heed: Customer Experience After The Camp Fire

 Wednesday, November 28, 2018

 Insurance Thought Leadership

“Hi, Karlyn. It’s your sister. We’ve been evacuated. There’s a big fire up in Paradise that might head down our way. Just wanted to let you know we’re heading to our daughter’s house. We only had 15 minutes to grab stuff, but it probably is just a precautionary alarm. Call when you get a chance.” That was the voicemail I got Thursday afternoon after I had spent a day chatting with an insurer about customer experience and the claims process. The next voicemail said: “We’re on the road again. My daughter’s place is now being evacuated. We’re going to mom’s.” And when I got off the plane, the last one said: “Mom’s evacuated now, too. We’re all coming to your house.” Sadly, she and her husband lost their home and business in the northern California wildfires.
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