The next big thing in construction is 3D-printed structures. There are already 3D-printed houses, offices, public buildings, and other structures around the world with notable 3D-printed projects in China, Europe, and the U.S.
  September 13   Risk & Insurance Liability Risk Management

Data is at the core of risk management, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is seeking to identify gaps in the data state regulators collect from insurers -- particularly with respect to understanding insurance availability and affordability.
  September 12   The Triple-I Blog Legislation & Regulation Risk Management

The ability to work remotely used to be considered a luxury: a valuable perk that many employees desired, but that most didn’t have. Times have changed, and we now live in a remote work world.
  August 31   CLM Magazine Risk Management Workers' Compensation

It’s a tale as old as 2021: millions of employees across the United States are quitting their jobs each month, whether to pursue remote work, to capitalize on higher wages offered in response to shrinking applicant pools, in an attempt to finally turn their passion into a career, or simply to retire.
  August 29   Risk & Insurance Insurance Industry Risk Management

The best claim is the one that never happens. That’s what the team behind the Predict & Prevent podcast believes. But to truly predict and prevent a claim requires a deviation from the traditional ‘detect and repair’ mentality of risk management.
  August 15   Risk & Insurance Property Risk Management

JoAnn Pickel, director of operations at Pacesetter Claims Service, started in the insurance industry after her husband landed an underwriter job with State Farm. In short order, they had a claims position open.
  August 10   Risk & Insurance Education & Training Risk Management Workers' Compensation

When determining whether insurance coverage exists for a claim, a crucial consideration is whether the claim involves an event or occurrence that took place in a state other than where the relevant policy was delivered. This is often the case for large companies with national operations or markets.
  August 8   Risk Management Magazine Litigation Risk Management

If risk managers were better integrated into ESG-related marketing and communications strategic planning, Bud Light might have been America’s top selling beer for a 23rd year straight. Instead, it surrendered that perch to Modelo in a self-induced reputation crisis.
  July 24   Risk & Insurance Risk Management

The rapid and unpredictable pace of change in the risk landscape presents risk management and insurance with one of its biggest challenges: How can we transfer risk if we cannot reliably quantify it?
  July 18   Risk & Insurance Risk Management Workers' Compensation

There are countless factors that go into emerging liability risk assessment. But at a high level, a systemic event typically has followed this track...
  July 18   Insurance Thought Leadership Liability Risk Management

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