Indianapolis Police Respond To 224 Crashes Sunday Due To Snowy Conditions

 Monday, February 11, 2019


Snow and rain made for a messy Sunday on Indianapolis roads. "The roads were really bad this morning coming down from Carmel," said driver Dylan Cregar. Roads were slippery Sunday, as the city weathered its sixth snowfall of an inch or more this winter. "I saw a lot of slideoffs, people on the side of the road. Yeah it was bad," said Cregar. Multiple counties in central Indiana issued travel advisories because of the road conditions. "We didn’t come down until about the afternoon; it was a little slick," said driver M.J. Meneley. "We did pass a lot of slideoffs and wrecks. People were turned around on the meridian. So they were pretty bad," said driver Adrienne Johnson. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department alone responded to 224 crashes, 24 of those slideoffs. State police responded to 72 crashes over 12 hours. Eight of those involved people who were hurt.