15 Vehicles Involved In Fiery Chain-Reaction Crash On Colorado Interstate

 Friday, April 26, 2019


Multiple people were killed and many others injured in a fiery multi-vehicle crash west of Denver during the evening commute on Thursday when a tractor-trailer careened out of the control into several other vehicles, police said. Flames ignited by the crash on Interstate 70 engulfed three trucks and 12 cars, Ty Countryman, a spokesman for the police department in Lakewood, Colorado, told reporters. “The vehicle came down and ended up colliding with slower traffic, causing a very big chain-reaction crash that also ignited and started a fire,” Countryman said, adding that six other people injured in the crash were taken to local hospitals. Police did not say how many people died, but in a late night Twitter post, they said, “Our crash investigation on I-70 continues. We can now confirm multiple fatalities.”
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